Tasmanian Devils

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Mind Map of our Tasmanian devils research

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Tasmanian Devils
1 do Tasmanian Devils look like the cartoon character?
1.1 Lets Look Up Real TDs
1.1.1 hmmm.. not really
2 we should shorten Tasmanian Devil to TD
3 hey we know somebody who has seen a real TD
3.1 Maybe Mr Fassbender, from our friends who traveled the world probably wrote about them


  • takingontheworld.net
3.1.1 we should message Mr Fassbender on Facebook
3.1.2 here is what he wrote: they are very noisy, they growl a lot, they fight bite and scratch each other. Their noises can be scary, and they can make 20 different ones. and because they are so violent, they spread a disease that is killing off most of the TDs he also found this info on the Tasmania website: There are many TDs in tasmania in the wild. They live near farms and when animals die they sometimes eat the carcases
3.2 thats them


  • thats Jackie, Frankie, Mr and Mrs Fassbender
4 since TDs are so fast they run in a tornado, are the real things that fast too?
4.1 we need some facts about TDs


  • San Diego Zoo Website has some info
4.1.1 body is 23-26 inches long
4.1.2 tail is another 9-10 inches long
4.1.3 they have rows of sharp teeth what other animals have rows of sharp teeth? sharks what other animals have rows of sharp teeth? google: what animals have rows of sharp teeth? kruptoglanis is a catfish with rows of sharp teeth
4.1.4 Google: How fast to tasmanian devils run? 8.1 mph what other animals can run about 8 mph? Google: which animals can run about 8mph? chicken 9mph/ house mouse 8mph /domestic pig 11mph
4.2 how fast do they run?
5 26 +10 = 36
5.1 thats 36 inches long?
5.1.1 how much is 12 + 24? 36 so a TD can be 3 feet long?!!!! because there are 12 inches in a foot, and 36 divided by 12 = 3
5.2 they can be three feet long
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