(5) Churchill and cold war


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(5) Churchill and cold war
  1. "last great crusade"
    1. Churchill "last great crusade was to stop a war, this time a nuclear one
      1. He become the leading peacenik
        1. In Edinburgh he coined the modern use of term "summit" when calling for a leaders of Russia talk with american counter parts
        2. Churchill's worries
          1. The american using the atom bomb on the chinese in north korea
            1. Churchills critizems if britan
              1. The ease that Russian paratroops could seize strategic location in London
                1. And the carnage that would be caused by different kinds of surprise nuclear attacks
                  1. Above all, he thought that if the atom bomb menace existed, Britain had better be as menacing as she could manage
                2. Churchill's approach to Russia
                  1. With Stalin dead in 1953 Churchill Saw the opportunity to reopen friendlier relations with Moscow
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