Lloyd-George's Highlights and Downfalls

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The successes and failures of Lloyd-George's Coalition Government 1918-1922 (Blue = success; Red = failure)

Amelia S
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Amelia S
Lloyd-George's Highlights and Downfalls
1 Lloyd-George had a long affair with his private secretary France Stephenson
2 Unemployment Insurance was extended
3 War produced over-investment in Staple Industries
4 Lloyd-George was known as the ''Welsh Dragon''
5 2 million unemployed by June 1921
6 The Coalition was dominated by the Conservatives
6.1 DLG was a fan of coalition politics
6.2 Bonar Law and Lloyd-George were referred to as the "most perfect partnership in political history"
7 Lloyd-George refused to remove troops from Chanak
8 Lloyd George was PM but not leader of the Liberals
9 A General Strike was averted in 1921 when the Triple Alliance was split
9.1 Strikes were broken up by troops and police baton charges
10.1 Coal Mines were still privatised
10.2 Anglo-Irish treaty caused Civil War in Ireland
10.3 Increase in interest rates caused '20-'21 depression
10.4 Treaty of Versailles was seen as too lenient
10.5 Geddes Axe
10.6 Martial Law was imposed on Ireland
11 Ministry of Reconstruction was formed in 1917
11.1 170,000 new houses were built by 1922
11.2 400,000 homes left unfit for human habitation in 1918
11.3 Local Government was given powers to demolish slums and acquire building land
12 Lloyd-George Honours Scandal
13 Britain's debtors, especially Russia, never repaid their debts

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