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Materials development for language learning and teaching. Brian Tomlinson

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State of Art Article
1 Materials Evaluation
1.1 Establishing criteria, and developing evaluation instruments
1.1.1 Tucker (1975) proposed a four-component scheme for measuring the internal and external value of beginners’ textbooks Davison (1976) proposed a five-category scheme for the evaluation and selection of textbooks Dauod & Celce-Murcia (1979) provided checklists ofcriteria for evaluating coursebooks .Candlin&Breen(1980)proposedcriteriaforevaluating materials and proposed the use of these criteria when developing materials. Matthews (1985), for example,insists that any evaluation should start from a specification of the teaching situation Cunningsworth (1995) stresses the importance of determining criteria relevant to the target learners
2 Materials Adaptation
2.1 Good teachers are always adapting the materials they are using to the context in which they are using them in order to achieve the optimal congruence between materials,methodology,learners,objectives,the target language and the teacher’s personality and teaching style.
2.1.1 McGrath (2002) also devotes a chapter to discussing the objectives, principles and procedures of adaptation He proposes ‘four evaluative processes’ when basing a lesson on a coursebook and goes on to discuss the issues and procedures involved in each process Teachers may select the material that will be used unchanged, reject either completely or partially sections of the material, add extensions or further exploitation of the existing materials and replace components of the materials. Islam & Mares (2003) include such objectives as adding real choice,catering for all learner styles, providin for learner autonomy, developing high-level cognitive skills, and making the input both more accessible and more engaging. A different approach to adaptation is taken by Saraceni (2003), who advocates providing the learners with an important role in adapting the materials they are using.
3 Materials Production
3.1 How writers write
4 Materials Explanation
5 Issues in Materials Development
6 Materials development projects
7 Research in materials development
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