Factors affecting obedience

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Factors affecting obedience
1 Situational
1.1 Proximity
1.1.1 Milgram 1963 When the teacher and the learner were put in the same room obedience levels fell to 40% (instead of 65%) In the absents of the authority figure the obedience levels fell to 21%
1.2 Location
1.2.1 The studies for Milgrams experiment were conducted at Yale University Several of the participants remarked that the location of the study gave them more confidence to do what they thought was best
1.2.2 When the experiment was moved to a less prestigious place location the obedience rates did drop slightly with 48% of participants delivering the full 450 volts
1.3 The power of uniform
1.3.1 Bushman 1998 Female researcher, dressed in either a police style uniform, as a business executive or as a beggar and asked people to lend them money for a parking meter Uniform = 72% Business woman = 48% Beggar = 52% In an interview afterwards people claimed to of obeyed the woman in uniform because she appeared to have authority
1.3.2 Easily recognisable and convey power and authority
2 Dispositional
2.1 The F Scale
2.2 Right-Wing Authoritanism
3 Psychological
3.1 The Agentic State
3.1.1 When a person sees them self as carrying out another persons wishes
3.1.2 Actions preformed under the the agentic state are, from the participants perspective, virtually guilt free, however inhumane they might be
3.2 Binding factors
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