Inspector Calls

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Inspector Calls
1 Sheila
1.1 Mr Berlings daughter
1.1.1 Geralds fiancee Complained about eva smith to her boss
2 Mr Berling
2.1 Owns Family Company
2.1.1 Sact Eva Smith
3 Eric
3.1 Works for his Father
3.1.1 Was seeing Eva Smith Got Eva Pregnant Stole Money to give Eva some help Got a bit Squiffy and stayed at Eva's
4 Mrs Berling
4.1 Married to Mr Berling and has two kids
4.1.1 Met Eva Smith 2 weeks before she died She declined Eva smith to sign up for the charity
5 Eva Smith
5.1 Had an afair with Gerald
5.1.1 Got scat from Mr berlings Got sact from Milwoods Got pregnant by Erik

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