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Created by jakecampling almost 6 years ago
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1 Aggression
1.1 Negative
1.1.1 NICHD : Mothers of children who had more than 30 hours of day care a week showed increased levels of aggression
1.2 Positive
1.2.1 Doherty : Children who attend regular day are less aggressive. This relies on the day care being high quality and stimulating.
2 Peer relations
2.1 Positive
2.1.1 Rubenstien and Howes : Day care encourages peer interaction, this makes peers less nervous when meeting new peers in the future.
2.2 Negative
2.2.1 Vandell and Corasaniti : used observations from teachers and parents to find that children who spent large amounts of time in day care developed poor peer relationships. The quality of day care these children had was poor and the reaserch suggests that this is an important factor.
3 Attachment
3.1 Positive
3.2 Negative

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