Section B- Reading

Connie Theobald
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Section B- Reading
1 Question 1
1.1 Single word responses are accepted
1.2 Specifies what part of the extract to look at
1.2.1 Quote from extract
1.3 Write answer in your own words
1.4 5 minutes maximum
1.5 Assesses AO1
1.6 4 marks
2 Question 3
2.1 About the whole of the source
2.2 Think about: narrative perspective, organisation of time, location, setting, characterisation, patterns within the text
2.3 'writing as a construct'
2.3.1 'writer has written in a certain way for a certain effect.'
2.4 Explain how the structure shapes you response
2.5 Broad analysis of structure of the text as a whole
2.6 Assesses AO2
2.7 8 marks
2.8 How the writer changes the focus as the extract develops
2.9 What the writer focuses your attention on in the beginning
2.10 10 minutes
3 Question 2
3.1 10 minutes
3.2 Assesses AO2
3.3 Specifies what part of the text your answer needs to come from
3.4 8 marks
3.5 'How does the writer use language to....'
3.6 Use a range of examples in your answer
3.7 3 PETAL paragraphs
3.8 3 quotations
3.8.1 Single word analysis
4 Question 4
4.1 20 minutes
4.2 20 marks
4.3 Assesses AO4
4.4 Engage with the response
4.5 Quote and analyse and have a backed opinion
4.6 Most able students engage with all aspects of the opinion given in the question to gain the fullest amount of marks.
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