Physical Fitness

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Created by stevensc almost 6 years ago
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Physical Fitness
1 Components of Exercise
1.1 Speed
1.2 Agility
1.3 Flexibility
1.4 Muscular Strength/Endurance
1.5 Gauge how in shape you are
2 Long Term effects of not exercising
2.1 Overweight & Obesity
2.2 Cardiovascular Disease
2.3 Diabetes
2.4 Premature Death
3 Short term effects of not exercising
3.1 Fatigue
3.2 Increased Appetite
3.3 Stress
3.4 Poor Sleep
4 What is the difference between Aerobic Exercise and Anaerobic Exercise?
4.1 Aerobic Exercise is mainly used to burn fat, improve your mood, strengthen your heart, and reduce risk of diabetes
4.2 Anaerobic Exercise is used to gain lean muscle mass. Calories are burned more efficiently in bodies that have more muscle. It can also build endurance and fitness levels.
5 Benefits of Exercise
5.1 Improves Mood
5.2 Boosts Energy
5.3 Controls Weight
5.4 Combats Health Conditions and Diseases

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