Resistance Training I

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not perfect as 1st time trying it. But happy enough with it.

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Resistance Training I
  1. Design an appropriate stretching program for individuals or groups.
    1. Identify the principles and different techniques of flexibility training.
      1. Test #1
      2. Demonstrate a variety of stretches using static, dynamic and PNF stretching
        1. Flexibility Practical
          1. In Class Activities
          2. Quizzes :D
          3. Apply the fundamentals of exercise design and delivery of a beginner weight training program.
            1. Identify bones and muscles of the body and their role and function as they relate to weight training.
              1. Test #1
                1. Identify the pros and cons of different types of equipment for weight training through practical activities in class.
                    1. Define training concepts and employ these principles to create and provide safe workout routines for clients.
                        1. Case Study
                        2. Design a general weight training program that could be utilized for a beginner client.
                          1. Case Study
                          2. Quizzes :D
                            1. Select and demonstrate appropriate weight training exercises in a safe and effective manner
                              1. Practical Exam
                                1. In Class Activities
                              2. Differentiate between a wide variety of instructor-led non-choreographed group exercise classes common within the fitness industry and team teach an appropriate group exercise class.
                                1. Identify various types of exercise and fitness classes through active participation in classes.
                                  1. In Class Activities
                                  2. Demonstrate basic exercises for the different muscles of the body in a safe manner.
                                    1. Group Exercise Class Presentation
                                      1. Outline how to alter an exercise class to accommodate people with different needs, goals, and fitness levels.
                                        1. Test #2
                                          1. Team teach a complete group exercise class which will include music, leadership, content of exercise, correct level of intensity, safety considerations/precautions and flow.
                                            1. Team Presentation
                                            2. Quizzes :D
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