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1 Quality
1.1 the degree to which the project (or deliverable) fulfills requirements
2 Grade
2.1 Category or classification for a deliverable or resource that indicates common function, but varying technical specification
3 Quality Management


  • Includes creating and following policies and procedures to ensure that a project meets the defined needs it was intended to meet from the customer's perspective
3.1 ensuring a project is completed without deviations from the project requeriments
4 Quality Theorists
4.1 Joseph Juran
4.1.1 the 80/20 principle
4.1.2 Quality as "Fitness for use"
4.2 W. Edwards Deming
4.2.1 14 points to total quality management
4.2.2 PDCA Cycle as basis for quality improvement
4.3 Philip Crosby
4.3.1 Cost of poor quality
4.3.2 "Zero defects"
4.3.3 prevention over inspection
5 Gold Plating
5.1 Adding extra items and services to customer deliverables that do not necessarily contribute added value or quality
6 Marginal analysis
6.1 analysis to determine when optimal quality is reached


  • refers to looking for the point where the benefits or revenue to be received from improving quality equals the incremental cost to achieve that quality
7 Continuous Improvement (or Kaizen)


  • "continuous improvement" and "Kaizen" are taken to mean the same thing on the exam
7.1 The ongoing enhancement of a product or service through small, continuous improvements in quality
8 Just in Time (JIT)
8.1 materials just when they are needed or just before they are needed
8.1.1 little inventory Forces attention on quality
9 Total Quality Management (TQM)
9.1 A comprehensive management philosophy that encourages companies to find ways to continuously improve the quality of business practices, products, and services at every level of the organization
10 Prevention over inspection
10.1 IMPORTANT Because the cost of avoiding or preventing mistakes is much less than the cost of correcting them
11 Responsibility for Quality
11.1 Although team members must inspect their own work, the project manager has the ultimate responsibility for the quality of the product of the project
12 Impact of Poor Quality
12.1 Spending time on quality produces value
12.1.1 Low morale
12.1.2 Decreased profits
12.1.3 Increased cost
12.1.4 Low customer satisfaction
12.1.5 Increased risk
12.1.6 Rework
12.1.7 Schedule delays
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