Directors in the 21st century are more concerned with images than words in performance.


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Directors in the 21st century are more concerned with images than words in performance.
  1. DIscuss the above statement to demonstrate your understanding of the play you have seen in peformance in relation to original performance conditions.
    1. The Banquet
      1. Jamie Lloyd: Witches lines given to Macbeth - add an impact or reflect the characters state of mind
      2. The Doctor
        1. Jamie Lloyd: Restrited by wheelchair in movement/technically accurate - supports the narrative by focusing on his words
        2. Audience Persepective
          1. Jamie Lloyd: A form of entertainment - use of the visual to enhance the text
            1. O.P.C: Use of imagination with a focus on the words
              1. Audience was surrounding the stage on different levels - dialogue was neccesary to understand the play
            2. Costumes
              1. Jamie Lloyd: Atmopsheric - corresponding to the directors concept
                1. O.P.C.: Standard for every play
                2. Reviews
                  1. Jamie Lloyd: Critical of the visiral elements of the production
                  2. Language
                    1. O.P.C.: Understanding of the language
                      1. Jamie Lloyd: Difficult to comprehend for a modern audience - imagesuppoirts the text in understanding
                      2. Directors Notes
                        1. "The world has to spring specifically from the text."
                        2. Porter's Monologue
                          1. O.P.C: Engaging with the audience
                            1. Jamie Lloyd: Technically acurate/engaging with the audience/a women
                            2. Malcolm's Converstaion
                              1. Jamie Lloyd: Plot significant, not reliant on image
                              2. Opening with the Witches
                                1. Jamie Lloyd: Special effects and makes - compromised the dialogue
                                  1. O.P.C.: Poetic dialogue - enhance the supernatural elements
                                  2. Lady Macbeth Sleepwalking
                                    1. Jamie Lloyd: The image of her bloody hands compliments her final soliloquy and madness
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