GCSE AQA Chemistry 1 Earth & Atmosphere

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A mind map showing information about plate tectonics, Earth's structure, the evolution of the atmosphere and the primordial soup theory.

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GCSE AQA Chemistry 1 Earth & Atmosphere
1 Plate Tectonics
1.1 Wegener's theory of Continental Drift
1.1.1 Noticed records of v. similar fossils on opposite sides of Atlantic Ocean Accepted theory was 'land bridges'
1.1.2 Coastlines of Africa & South America matched like jigsaw Evidence: Matching layers in rocks Fossils found in 'wrong' places
1.1.3 Theory: 300 million yrs ago, 1 'supercontinent' (Pangaea) that broke into smaller chunks that are drifting apart Wasn't accepted for many yrs Thought continents 'ploughing through' sea bed Impossible - would have stopped Earth rotating Had used inaccurate data Found new evidence in 1950s & 60s
2 Earth's Structure
2.1 Crust: v. thin, surrounded by atmosphere
2.2 Mantle: has all properties of solid but can flow, radioactive decay takes place, produce heat - flows in convection currents
2.3 Core: made of Fe & Ni
2.4 Surface made of tectonic plates
2.4.1 Convection currents cause plates to drift Most moving at speeds of few cms per yr Occasionally plates move v. suddenly - earthquake Volcanoes & earthquakes occur at boundaries Can't predict - sometimes ground bulges but can be false alarm
3 The Evolution of the Atmosphere
3.1 Phase 1
3.1.1 Molten - atmosphere boiled away Eventually cooled down - thin crust & volcanoes Gases - carbon dioxide, methane & ammonia Oceans formed when water vapour condensed
3.1.2 Phase 2 Green plants evolved - carbon dioxide absorbed & oxygen produced Carbon & hydrocarbons locked up in sedimentary rocks as insoluble carbonates & fossil fuels Phase 3 Ozone layer allows evolution of complex animals - blocks harmful rays
4 Primordial Soup
4.1 Earth's atmosphere rich in N, H, ammonia & methane
4.1.1 Lightning struck --> amino acids Collected in primordial soup --> organic matter & living organisms Miller Urey experiment - not as many made
5 Fractionally distilling air
5.1 Air filtered to remove dust, cooled to around -200*C - liquid
5.1.1 Water vapour condenses & removed Carbon dioxide freezes & removed Liquefied air enters column & heated slowly Gases separated - oxygen & argon together - require another column
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