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Music video representation
1 I only plan to have on female actor in my music video (Amy Banks)
1.1 My Actor will be staring in all nature clips and my lip-syncing clips
1.2 I have decided to use Amy because she is around the same age as my target audience and she takes the role seriously. She also fits the role and genre of the music video.
1.2.1 This helps connect my audience to my actor, help them to relate and invest in my music video.
2 My female character will be represented as a feminine young teen, she will be portrayed as independent and a free individual.
2.1 However, I will be challenging the conventions and representations of relationships. I am not following the conventions of a heterosexual relationship, I will be using a homosexual relationship in my music video because in our modern day society these relationships are welcomed and considered more and more normal.
2.1.1 I would like to represent a happy and fun filled relationship, full of memories.
2.2 I would like to represent my female actor as a fun individual, who is young and in love.
3 The representation of the female actor will be re enforced with her stylish clothing/indie clothing. This clothing fits with the style of 2015 to 2016.
3.1 The music video locations will also re enforce and reflect the actors attitude of life, which is free, loving, romantic, young and exploring nature
3.1.1 The countryside will help connect all of the representations all together.
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