Cell organelles

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Cell organelles
1 Cell membrane
1.1 To protective skin and contains all the contents of the cell. The membrane controls the flow of nutrients and subsetances in and out of the cell
2 Cytoplasm (jelly)
2.1 All the cellular contents between the cell membrane and nucleus. It is a jelly-like fluid make up of two components: organelles and cytosol
3 Organelles
3.1 Each having a specialised shape and function within the cell
4 Nucleus (control)
4.1 This is a organelle which control the cell. Got two main functions: DNA of the cell and also controls the cell's activities including growth and reproduction
5 Golgi complex (packaging)
5.1 Repackages it for release at the cell membrane
6 Mitochondria (powerhouse)
6.1 This organelle converts fats and sugars into energy
7 Nucleolus
7.1 That plays an important part in ribosome production
8 Lysosome (digestion)
8.1 This is where the digestion of the cell nutrients takes place
9 Ribosomes (protein)
9.1 These are responsible for assembling the prteins of the cell
10 Rough endoplasmic recticulum
10.1 Organelle that assists in transportation of materials through the cell and plays an important rol ein protein manufacture alongside ribosomes
11 Smooth endoplasmic recticulum (transport)
11.1 Transportation of materials through the cell and breaks down toxins and fats
12 Vesicle
12.1 That secretes cellular substances sited at the cell membrane
13 Vacuole (waste)
13.1 Spaces in the cell where waste is removed

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