Entrepreneur skills P3

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Entrepreneur skills for P3 creative product promotion

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Entrepreneur skills P3
1 Technical skills
1.1 Technical skills is very important in any business including mine, especially if its just based online. They should be able to use Excel and other softwears as its good for counting your stock using the spreadsheet provided and also for keeping up with your income.
2 Finance/Accountant
2.1 You need finance and accountant skills to be able to manage your cash flow, be aware of the items you're selling and also manage your budgeting. I will need this skill as it is my own business so I will have to manage this independently.
3 Communication
3.1 Communication is one of the key skills for an entrepreneur in ant business including my business. You need to communicate to the customers, suppliers ect in order to sell your vision or idea to your potential clients or regular customers. You need to know about the products you're selling in order to talk to the public and communicate, informing them about your business and products being sold.
4 Planning
4.1 Planning is another key skill needed for an entrepreneur or for anyone starting their own business. It helps your business grow, ensuring all bases are covered and to manage your cash flow. Planning can affect myself and my reputation, and the business, so PR and marketing.
5 Administration skills
5.1 This is another key skill to have especially for my business. You need to make sure you are able to work on the computer, file, print, insert data records, order stock and many more things for your business. Admin skills are important for your business so it can run smoothly and not interact with any obstacles along the way. Having your own business means that you need to manage things by yourself.
6 Time Management
6.1 To be an Entrepreneur, you definitely need time management skills in order for your business to be successful. When running your own business, being on time for a lot of things is essential. This can be things such as uploading new stock onto the website weekly/daily on the same day around the same time. Also taking photos of all your stock, labelling and uploading pictures to your website. These are all things what need to be timed efficiently for your business and my business to run smoothly.
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