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1 Rights of self
1.1 Individuality Compromised
2 Rights of the individual
3 Regional (Ex. Francophone- Fred)
3.1 Multiple Perspectives
3.2 rights and responsibilities different based on association
4 Demographic Citizenship
4.1 Vote
4.2 maintain our status quo
4.2.1 Ex. Committed Democratic Principles)
5 Global Citizenship (Ex. Alicia)
5.1 Human rights
5.2 Opportunity leads to responsibility
5.3 Active Citizens
5.4 Social Citizenship
5.4.1 Change
6 Aboriginal
6.1 charitable (Helping others)
6.2 Cultural Diversity
6.2.1 Mosaic! Pluralism
6.3 More than kindness, tolerance and love for others
7 To what extent should we have ____ kind of citizenship
7.1 Right of self Vs Right of others (individual vs collective rights)
7.2 Which notions of Citizenship should teachers teach
7.3 what does it mean to be an active Canadian Citizenship
8 Identity
8.1 PQ proposal to ban religions symbols for public workers
9 single model of active citizenship not possible
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