evaluating dream

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The strengths and weaknesses of dream analysis. the strengths are in green and the weaknesses in red.

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evaluating dream
1 hard-to-reach information
1.1 improve your mental health
1.2 talking cure
1.3 the unconscious is unknown to the individual
2 accepted by the client
2.1 expensive so you would want it to work
2.2 results make sence/accepted
2.3 takes several sessions
3 information directly from the client
3.1 won't be secondary alaberation
3.2 comes straight from the client
3.3 if it is useful it could be used in a case study
4 interpretation
4.1 not valid data
4.2 a persons interpretation rather than real life
4.3 information might be affected subjectivly
4.4 dreams can be interpreted differently
4.4.1 might not be true or reliable
5 false memories
5.1 family members accused of something they didn't do
5.2 ethical issues
5.2.1 distressing memories can be ethical if guidelines are followed
5.3 family splits
5.4 law suits
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