Igneous Petrology

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Created by jess.y1994 over 6 years ago
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Igneous Petrology
1 Formed of interlocking crystals
2 No foliation or bedding
3 Formed from the solidification of magma
3.1 Magma is made from around 40- 50% silica
3.2 Characterised by high temps of around 600 - 1500 degrees
3.3 Usually slow flow due to viscosity
4 The slower the cooling of the magma, the coarser the crystals
5 Some intrusions will be coarse on the inside and have a fine rim due to cooling next to a chilled margin
6 Plutonic below 5km then above -hypabyssal and volcanic
7 Holocrystaline - interlocking crustals
8 Holohayline - glassy, no crystals
9 Euhedral - Well formed crystals
10 Subhedral - Partially well formed
11 Anhedral - Poorly formed
12 Primary igneous minerals
12.1 Feldspars
12.1.1 Mica Pyroxenes Amphiboles Quartz
13 Mafic - magnesium and iron rich
14 Acidic (Felisic) - Light colour
14.1 Basic - (Mafic) - Dark Colour
15 Flow banding - crystals aligned due to flow of magma
16 Spherulitic - radial fibers of quartz and feldspar forming
17 Vesicular texture - gas bubbles
17.1 Sometimes infilled with minerals to form amygdaloidal texture
18 Zenoliths - foreign stones to the magma
19 Pegmatitic - Coarse grained crystals up to 1 metre

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