Sedimentary Petrology

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Sedimentary Petrology
1 Formed from the weathering +erosion, transportation and deposition of igneous and metamorphic rocks
2 Main controls on weathering
2.1 Local weather conditions/ climate
2.1.1 Physical/ Chemical properties of the parent rock Relief and morphology of land forms Vegetation type/ cover
3 Methods of transportaion
3.1 Gravity
3.1.1 Water Wind Ice
3.2 The power and material available influences whether they transport material as aggregates or particles
4 Different transporting agents modify the grains
4.1 Reduction in size
4.1.1 Increase in roundness Changes to surface texture Sorting of grains Continued weathering
5 Mineral maturity
5.1 Super mature - Quartz
5.1.1 Mature - Quartz + other minor constituents Quartz, feldspar, mica + rare lithic grains Range of lithic grains + other materials
6 Siliclastic rocks
6.1 Burial = compaction
6.1.1 Reduced pore spaces Grain deformation (plastic, flexive, pressure) Production of psuedomatrix Dewatering
7 Cementation
7.1 Calcite
7.1.1 Silica Iron Oxide
8 Causes of diagenetic change
8.1 Chemistry of the environment
8.1.1 Depth of burial Temperature Pressure
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