The living World

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Created by tmillatt almost 6 years ago
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The living World
1 what is an ecosystem?
1.1 eg small scale = hedgerow
1.2 consumers
1.3 decomposers
1.4 food chain
1.5 food web
1.6 nutrient cycling
1.7 producers
1.8 Cllimate, vegetation, rock, soil
2 ecosystems
2.1 global distribution pattern of biomes
2.2 temperate deciduous woodland
2.2.1 latitude
2.2.2 eg location
2.2.3 climate
2.2.4 veg types adaptations
2.2.5 Brown earth soil profile
2.2.6 human uses case study - Eppingl forest historical uses present day uses how is it managed sustainably?
2.3 Tropical rainforest
2.3.1 latitude
2.3.2 eg location
2.3.3 climate
2.3.4 veg types adaptations
2.3.5 Latosol soil
2.3.6 human uses case study - Amazon unsustainable uses ranching logging road building mining HEP Global and local impacts economic social environmental sustainable management selective logging replanting education ecotourism alta floresta debt relief FSC control sustainable uses amerindians shifting cultivation hunter gathering
3 Desert
3.1 medc Australia
3.1.1 uses
3.1.2 management
3.2 latitude
3.3 eg location
3.4 climate
3.5 veg types
3.5.1 adaptations
3.6 ledc Thar
3.6.1 uses
3.6.2 management

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