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Biology- Inheritance and Genetic Diagrams
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TOK mindmap “Without application in the world, the value of knowledge is greatly diminished.”
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1 Definations
1.1 Codominant allele is when both alleles are expressed in phenotype
1.2 Recessive allele is shown when homozygous two alleles are present in phenotype
1.2.1 Evidence: Parents are heterozygous Some have the conditions and some not
1.3 Alleles are different version of the same gene
1.3.1 Gene is a section of DNA that codes for polypeptide/protein
1.4 Dominant allele is shown even when present with heterozygous allele and it contributes to the phenotype
1.4.1 always expressed
2 Hardy Weinberg Principle
2.1 Assumptions
2.1.1 No mutations arise
2.1.2 Mating is Random
2.1.3 Population is large
2.1.4 Population are isolated.
2.1.5 No flow of alleles in or out of the population
2.1.6 No Selection, alleles are equally likely to be passed on
2.2 Answer is in the form of p^2 or q^2.
2.3 p^2+2pq+q^2=1.0
2.3.1 equation to calculate the frequencies of the allele for a particular gene
2.4 predicts the proportion of dominant and recessive alleles of any gene in a population remains same from one generation to next
3 Actual Number was different that expected ratio:
3.1 Small sample
3.2 Mating a population within in a population is random
3.3 Gametes may not be produced in equal numbers
4 Punnet Square
4.1 If X^g X^g
4.1.1 Gametes are just X^g
5 Multiple alleles
5.1 Blood group
5.1.1 Blood group A and B are codominanat Blood group O is recessive to both
5.1.2 More than 2 alleles, only which 2 alleles are present in loci
6 Sex Linkage
6.1 Any gene that is carried on sex chromosomes
6.1.1 Haemophilia blood clots only slowly and there may be slow and persistent bleeding Individuals are unable to produce a protein that is required in the clotting process.
6.2 Characteristics that are controlled by recessive allele occurs more frequently in males
6.2.1 There are no homologous portions on the X chromosomes that might have the dominant allele

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