Diet and Exercise

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Unabalanced and balanced diet, metabolic rate, inherited factors and exercise

Tia Eve
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Diet and Exercise
1 Diet and Exercise
1.1 Metabolic rate
1.1.1 The rate at which the body chemical reactions occur in your body
1.1.2 Muscle needs more energy than fatty tissue Regular exercise can boost metabolic rate Builds muscle to boost metabolic rate Men tend to have a slightly higher rate than women
1.1.3 Physically bigger people are likely to have a higher metabolic rate More cells means more energy your body needs
1.1.4 Genetic factors can affect this
1.2 Diet
1.2.1 Balanced Carbohydrates Release energy Fats Keep warm Release energy Protein Growth Cell repair Cell replacement Fibre Keeps everything smooth through the digestive system Vitamins and mineral ions Keep skin, bones blood etc. healthy
1.2.2 Unbalanced Obesity Eating too much Excess carbohydrates or fat Common in MEDCS 20% over max recommended body mass Causes Hormonal problems Bad diet Overeating Lack of exercise Health problems Arthritis Type 2 diabetes High blood pressure Too much salt Heart disease Cancer Increased blood cholestrol Too much saturated fat Malnutrition Common in LEDCS Lack of food Effects depend on what's lacking Slow growth Fatigue Poor resistance to infection Irregular periods Deficiency disease Lack of vitamins and minerals Eg. Lack of Vitamin C can cause scurvy Problems with skin, joints and gums
2 Exercise
2.1 Increases amount of energy used by the body
2.1.1 Decreases amount stored as fat
2.2 Builds muscle to boost metabolic rate
2.3 People who exercise regularly are healthier
2.3.1 Less likely to suffer from health problems
2.4 Can still be malnourished if you're physically fit
2.4.1 Diet isn't balanced
3 Inherited factors
3.1 Health can depend on genes
3.2 Affect their metabolic rate
3.2.1 Underactive thyroid gland Lowers metabolic rate Obesity
3.3 Affect blood cholesterol levels
3.3.1 Increases heart disease
3.3.2 Cholesterol is a fatty substance found in every cell

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