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A-Level Philosophy and Ethics (AS ethics) Mind Map on Utilitarianism, created by Aidan S.G on 03/21/2016.

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  1. Jeremy Bentham's Utilitarianism
    1. teleological consequentialist and relativistic
      1. principle of utility
        1. measurable quantitate theory
          1. hedonic calculus
            1. universal hedonism
              1. eudamonia
              2. John Stuart Mill
                1. teleological consequentialist and relativistic
                  1. happiness principle
                    1. quality of pleasure
                      1. higher an lower pleasures
                        1. universability
                        2. Act and Rule Utilitarianism
                          1. Jeremy Bentham
                            1. J.S Mill
                              1. weaknesses of act and rule utilitarianism
                              2. Other forms of utilitarianism
                                1. peter singer and preference utilitarianism
                                  1. Peter singer Impartial spector
                                    1. peter singer believes that we should take the view of an impartial inspector combined with a utilatarian aproach. he believed our preferences count no more than the preferences of others. these have to be weighed and balanced so they prove the best possible outcome altogether. this means whats in the best interest for everyone involved.
                                    2. RM Hare preference Utilitarianims
                                      1. rm Hare believes that we need to keep our own opinions when making a desicion. he says equal preferences count equally but opposite preferences count equally. we should stand in somone elses shoes and try to see what they prefer
                                      2. Rm Hare and universability
                                        1. Richard Brandt psychotherapy and preference utilitarianism
                                        2. strengths
                                          1. WD ross and prima facie duties
                                            1. injustice for individual and eudamonia
                                              1. intrinsic value and universability
                                              2. weaknesses
                                                1. the problem of universability
                                                  1. the problem of setting intentions from ends
                                                    1. ignorance of results
                                                      1. reliance on universal understanding of purpose from ends
                                                        1. deotological,
                                                          1. relative whats right and wrong varies
                                                            1. consequential determined by its rightness and wrongness.
                                                            2. conflicting duties
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