The Future Of Journalism

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2nd Year Media: Messages & Meanings (The Future Of Journalism) Mind Map on The Future Of Journalism, created by Jade Jannotti on 01/19/2014.

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The Future Of Journalism
1 Social Role
1.1 'window to the world'
1.1.1 provide information from which we draw 'cognitive maps' of reality
1.2 liberal plurist role
1.2.1 supply public with information for rational economic, electoral choices
1.2.2 informs on things they need to know
1.2.3 root of public sphere (Habermas)
1.3 uses & gratification (Benevolent)
1.3.1 news used to inform, no power to tell us what to think
1.3.2 media effects = limited impact on audience who uses content to gratify their needs
1.4 agenda setting
1.4.1 cause & effect between content of media agenda & public perception of important issues
1.5 social constructivism
1.5.1 journalists shape perception of what news is, how we should react to it
1.6 social reproduction
1.6.1 media construct our world
1.6.2 news media produced with dominant ideology opposed by superior elite on minor group
2 Gate-keeper
2.1 makes highly subjective judgements about what is/isn't important
2.1.1 news values
2.2 makes last decision about what makes it in newspaper
2.3 people perceive as true what fits in their belief (dominant ideology)
2.4 journalists learn by 'osmosis'
2.4.1 knowledge is assimilated
3 Citizen Journalism
3.1 democratises media by giving access publishing platforms
3.2 not trained 'journalists'
3.2.1 construct own sense of reality
3.3 Internet in hands of regular people
4 User Generated Content
4.1 normal people taking pictures of events
5 Edwards Snowden
5.1 "sole motive of leaking documents was to inform public"
5.1.1 secrecy doesn't allow freedom of speech computing technology is a political tol
6 News Values
6.1 Galtung & Ruge
6.1.1 world events media perceptions selection distortion media image personal perception selection distortion personal image
6.2 provide hierarchy for which news is recognised as important
6.3 Agenda Setting
6.3.1 what to think about
6.4 Framing
6.4.1 how to/should think about it
6.4.2 Framing Analysis (Whitney 2004) journalist selects topics, underlines issues, interprets causes & effects facilitates audience's comprehension of content
6.5 media manipulates society (reality) - active role
6.6 media is a passive transmitter
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