JFK's Legacies

Sally Mathias
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Sally Mathias
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JFK's Legacies
1 Space Programme
1.1 Sparked by 'Space Race' with USSR
1.1.1 USSR sent the first man to space in 1961
1.2 Kennedy promised to land the first man on the moon by end of 60's
1.2.1 Requested $9 bn from Congress to do this
1.2.2 Was successful- won Space Race
2 Peace Corps
2.1 Created March 1961
2.2 First 2 years- 5000 American volunteers sent to 46 developing countries
2.3 Kennedy's biggest legacy- still exists
3 National Parks
3.1 3.85 million acres of land acquired under Kennedy- 'udalls' of land...
3.2 6 monuments and 20 historic sites were also claimed
3.3 Appointed Udall as Secretary of Interior (includes environment),
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