Protein structure

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Protein structure
1 Primary
1.1 The seqeunce of amino acids
1.1.1 This is coded for by DNA
1.1.2 A change here may result in a nonfunctional protein This is because the R goups may not interact correctly changing the shape of the protein and therefore the shape of the active site.
2 Secondary
2.1 When the primary structure folds to form either a alpha helix or a beta pleated sheet.
3 Tertiary
3.1 When the secondary structure folds again due to the interaction of the R groups of the amino acids. These can form Disulphide bridges which are rare as only one amino acid has sulphur in it. The attraction of positive and negative ions. Hydrogen bonds as well.
4 Quaternery
4.1 When one or more polypeptide chain is present
5 Small topic but requires you to be able to apply this to nearly everything so learn it.
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