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1 long bone
2 extends in thigh obliquely distally and cranially
3 Body/ Shaft
3.1 cylindrical
3.2 Cranial Surface
3.3 Lateral Surface
3.3.1 Junction of its proximal & middle thirds trochanter tertius Attached tendon gluteus superficialis m
3.3.2 Distal part= supracondyloid fossa which superficial digital flexor arises Bounded laterally by thick rough margin, lateral supracondyloid tuberosity
3.4 Medial Sufaces
3.4.1 on proximal part , LESSER TROCHANTER for gluteal m
3.4.2 Medial Supracondyloid tuberosity gives origin to medial head of gastrocnemius m
3.5 CML Surfaces: continuous and strongly convex from side to side and smooth
3.6 Caudal Surface
4 Proximal Extremity
4.1 Head
4.1.1 On medial side and hemispherical
4.1.2 Cut medially by deep notch (fovea capitis femoris) Attaches intracapsular ligaments
4.2 Neck
4.2.1 distinct cranially and medially
4.3 Greater Trochanter
4.3.1 Laterally
4.3.2 Cranial Part/ Convexity Situated opposite to head Attachment for deep gluteal m
4.3.3 Caudal Part ( Summit) Separated from cranial part by notch Gives insertion to part of middle gluteal m
4.3.4 Trochanteric Crest Forms lateral wall of trochnateric fossa
5 Distal Extremity
5.1 Trochlear Cranially
5.1.1 Medial Ridges Wider, more prominent Extends higher than lateral one
5.1.2 Lateral Ridges
5.1.3 Forms patella surface
5.2 Condyles Caudally
5.2.1 Lateral Depression close to articular margin of LC ka extensor fossa For attachment of long digital extensor & peroneus tertius
5.2.2 Medial
5.2.3 For articulation with head of tibia
5.2.4 Proximal= deep supracondylar fossa Origin of superficial digital flexor m
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