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My impact wheel.
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$arah Zaman: Impact Wheel
  1. Resilience Toolkit
    1. Gratitude
      1. Living in the 21st Century
        1. We live in a world that is very heavily dependent on technology, and we are a lucky generation to be girls and go to school.
        2. Familial Sacrifices
          1. My parents immigrated from another country just so their children could be girls in a more moderns and less restricted society. This connects back to my values that were given to me by my parents.
        3. Wellness
          1. Personal Hygine
            1. I keep myself well-groomed and cleanse myself regularly for personal refreshment and social acceptance.
            2. Humor
              1. I try and let off steam by talking to my friends and using somethign that i really enjoy doing into something I use as a Stress relief. This also links back to my possible career choices.
          2. Values
            1. Perfection
              1. From the family and culture I grew up it, making sure everything was perfect as well as your life from a young age was concidred a value and soemthign to be proud of. However, i do not find this something I value but I am raised with it.
              2. Passion/Ambition
                1. In the family I grew up in, as well as culture it was expected for the children to have goals in life and be expected to follow them. I think this is where my value for this stemmed from. This leads me to my multiple career choices.
                2. Respect
                  1. Something I value very heavily is respect. I think that it is something to be earned not given. There should be a reason why a person should listen to you and give you time because of the way you act and what you do for other. This value also leads into my personal motives.
                  2. Genuineness
                    1. I think if you are fake or acting to be like something you are not you are not worth my time, nor do I think you deserve respect (my main value)
                  3. Interests
                    1. Sciences
                      1. Ever since a young age i was taught that to be successful, you had to go into the sciences. That is something that I was taught to pursue.
                      2. Screenwriting and Film
                        1. Recently, I have been more interested in the writing and acting aspects of film and it is a field that i am interested into looking more into.
                        2. Math Classes
                          1. For ten years, I have been taking math classes outside of school.
                          2. Theater
                            1. For the past few years, I have been a part of productions around school and I have performed on stage many times.
                            2. Comedy
                              1. Performing on stage and making other laugh, especially about a topic that is important to me is something that would make me happy as a career choice. I think the idea of respect comes back into play because this is a very difficult field to be successful in and being able to achieve in it and have others look up to me is important.
                                1. South Asian Club
                                  1. I take extreme pride in my background and being a part of this club, as well as the head, I intent to educate others on this culture and break any stereotypes linked to this culture. This also greatly links back to respect.
                                2. Character traits
                                  1. Communicator
                                    1. I am a confidant individual and I am not afraid to share my ideas. In most cases I will share them whether they are asked for or not. I part of being a strong communicator is being creative in more than one language, which I am as well.
                                    2. Principled
                                      1. I consider myself principled, because I act a lot upon fairness and making sure that everyone is treated the way they should be. I also like to take responsibility for my actions, whether they are good or bad and that is something I think everyone should do.
                                      2. Having Power/ Being Successful
                                        1. I want to be able to make a change but also be known for that change. This also connects back to my value of respect as well as my IB character trait of principled.
                                        2. Humor
                                          1. This seems arbitrary, but something that makes me do what I do everyday is humor. This also links back to one of my wellness techniques as well as a possible career path for me.
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