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Who am I
1 True Colours
1.1 Active
1.1.1 I am very active, I love playing sports with my friends during the summer, working out and always going for walks.
1.2 Hands-On
1.2.1 I am an orange because I love being hands-on and learning things through touching and feeling, that's how I got into baseball.
1.3 Variety
1.3.1 I crave for variety, I hate doing the same thing over again, it gets boring and i always look for something new.
2 Interests
2.1 Sports
2.1.1 I really love sports, my favourite sport is baseball, I love the atmosphere when playing friendly sports games, it's competitive, fun, and a great experience in all.
2.2 Video Games
2.2.1 I've been playing video games since I was two years old, I love it, it's a time for me to let go and have a lot of fun with my friends. One of my dreams were to make a game someday, maybe I can make that a reality.
3 Skills
3.1 Problem Solver
3.1.1 I think that one of my skills is being a problem solver is because whenever my friends or cousins get into conflict with each other, I can easily solve their problems just by walking them through it with a little humor and boom they always forget why they were and at each other
4 Multiple Intelligence
4.1 Interpersonal
4.1.1 I am also interpersonal, I am people smart. I can tell when someone is mad or happy and based on that, I will address them differently, talk to them differently.
4.2 Kinesthetic
4.2.1 I am kinesthetic, I like doing work hands-on and physically. I sometimes help out at camps and I really love playing sports.
4.3 Intrapersonal
4.3.1 I am intrapersonal,I know myself really well, I sometimes I just need to be alone and work, I really hate distraction or noise when I'm doing something alone.
5 Learning Styles
5.1 Visual
5.1.1 I really like visual learning for when i really have trouble learning something, when I see someone walk me through the steps, it makes it really easy to understand and I learn that much faster
5.2 Kinesthetic
5.2.1 I really like kinesthetic learning, I like to be up and moving during activities, I like listening to music whenever I work, and I love to be hands on with my work.
6 Left Brain
6.1 Organized
6.1.1 I think that I am organized, I have all my stuff neat and tidy in my bad and my room. I keep note of things such as work that needs to be done and major assessments that need to be done in a notebook. I am also mentally organized.
6.2 Analytic
6.2.1 I am also analytical, I use logical reasoning to solve problems and solve issues between other people or in a subject in some of my classes.
7 Attributes
7.1 Respectful
7.1.1 I think that I am very respectful, I always admire others for who they are and never put them down unless it is causes harm to me or my friends
7.2 Cooperative
7.2.1 I know that I am really cooperative, I love working with others, it makes work so much easier and much more fun.
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