How did you attract/address your audience?


Mind Map on How did you attract/address your audience?, created by Aléx Faith on 04/18/2013.
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Aléx Faith
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How did you attract/address your audience?
  1. FRONT COVER - The use of purple font relates to the target audience of 17-22 females, which my magazine is marketed to.
    1. The "Hottest fashion tips" + "Rise in female Rap artists" relates to the interests of my target reader.
      1. The interests of my target reader include aspiring to be an artist and expressing themselves through fashion
    2. DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD - . The purple background reinforces the audience of mature females.
      1. . What's in the article relates to the target audience of aspiring artists e.g questions about songwriting and who inspires YEZZI as an artist.
      2. CONTENTS-In terms of mise on scene the model (Bethany) is wearing Adidas which relates to my targets audiences interest in fashion and Jeremy Scott.
        1. .The features in the magazine of fashion, artists and music relates to the target reader just like the front cover and double page spread
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