The Treaty of Versailles

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The Treaty of Versailles
1 Reperations
1.1 Payments for damages caused by the war
1.2 £6,600 million to be paid
1.3 Article 231
1.3.1 Blamed Germany for starting the war
1.4 1500 German army soliders
1.5 German navy reduced to 100,000
1.6 Set in 1921
2 Land loss
2.1 Alsace- Lorraine to France
2.2 Rhineland de-militarised
2.3 10% of Industary lost
2.4 15% of Argriculture
2.5 6 million people lost
2.6 Polish corridor access to sea
3 Blame
3.1 Germany felt tht lots of countries were also to blame for the war
3.2 Germny took blame for war

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