The Treaty Of Versailles

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All the terms and effects of The Treaty of Versailles. All credit to Kyra, she fab.

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    The Treaty of Versailles

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    Loses: Alsace Lorraine Polish Corridor Colonies Danzig
    Effects Many refugees People lose property, farms and jobs change of culture, language and law

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    £6.6 billion paid to GB, France and Blegium
    Effects Money needed to rebuild Germany, goes to others Many unemployed

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    100,000 soldiers, no tanks, planes or submarines. They were only allowed 6 battleships and 16,000 sailors
    Effects: Unemployed veterans encouraged stab in back back myth Armaments industrial in financial trouble.

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    War Guilt
    Has to admit started WWI even though they were 4th country into war
    Effects:Germans are upset, do not understand why they are to blame.

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    League of Nations
    Not allowed to join the League of Nations
    Effects:Germany unable to resolve international issues with equality.
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