What were the terms of the treaty?


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What were the terms of the treaty?
  1. Signed in June 1919
    1. Germany lost colonies
      1. North Schleswig
        1. Given to Denmark
        2. Danzig
          1. Free city run by the League
          2. Poland
            1. given a 'Comidor' to Baltic sea
              1. Cut off Prussia from Germany
            2. Posen
              1. Rich farmland given to poland
              2. Germany forbidden to unite with Austria
                1. Saar coalfields-to France (15 years)
                  1. Alsace Lorraine- to France (Lost to G in 1871)
                    1. Rhineland- Demilitarised (Too close; G invade France and Belgium)
                      1. Weimar - Government met -G called it Weimar Republic
                        1. Euphen+Malmedy -Given to Belgium
                        2. Military Clauses
                          1. 100k Men
                            1. 6 Battleships
                              1. No submarines
                                1. No tanks
                                  1. No planes
                                    1. Conscription
                            2. Results of T.O.V (severe)
                              1. G lost land
                                1. Take blame for war (Article 231: The war Guilt Clause)
                                  1. Reparations: 6600 million (Damage caused)
                                    1. Decided in 1921- changed later (would've taken G up to 1980s to pay)
                                    2. Lost empire: Areas around world called Mandates-run by League-Keep world peace
                                      1. REACTIONS TO THE TREATY
                                        1. JUSTIFIED
                                          1. War caused death+damage
                                            1. G= weak: no war repeats
                                              1. French+British citizens wanted revenge
                                                1. Politicians listened=stayed in power
                                          2. HARSH
                                            1. G left weak+resentful: anger = another war
                                              1. G couldn't afford reparations: new countries= poor
                                                1. Peacemakers- problems+pressure from people at home
                                                  1. G couldn't defend self
                                                    1. Industrial areas lost, unable to rebuild
                                                      1. Lost pride, no armed forces
                                                        1. Other countries armed
                                                          1. Didn't accept defeat
                                                            1. Economic crisis
                                                              1. Lost colonies
                                                                1. Lived under foreign rules in new countries
                                                                2. PROBLEMS
                                                                  1. Europe unable to recover well
                                                                    1. G remained poor
                                                                      1. Self determination = difficult in Poland+Czech: different nation thrown together: artificial country
                                                                        1. No G, Russia, USA in L.O.N= Hard to keep peace
                                                                          1. G had no choice
                                                                            1. Anger
                                                                              1. Trouble
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