Introduction to Government and Politics

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Introduction to Government and Politics
1 What is Politics?
1.1 Politics comes from the Greek word 'polis' meaning city/state.
1.1.1 Politics refers to the affairs of the state.
1.2 Conflict between different ideologies
1.2.1 In the UK Liberalism Conservatism Socialism
1.3 Mediating between different competing demands and interests in society.
1.3.1 Environmentalists v Industrialists
1.3.2 Public Transport v Motorists
1.3.3 Taxpayers v Recipients of Benefits
2 Key Concepts in Politics
2.1 Freedom: How the state can threaten or enhance our freedom.
2.2 Justice: The quality of being fair and reasonable throughout society.
2.3 Rights: That which is morally correct, just or honourable.
2.4 Authority: The right to govern.
2.4.1 Traditional Authority: People accept it because it's been there a long time. For example the Monarchy (Royal Family)
2.4.2 Rational Authority: Elected to rule. For example the Prime-Minister.
2.4.3 Charismatic Authority: Someone who is a born leader because of their personality. For example Adolf Hitler.
2.5 Power: The ability to rule.
2.6 Democracy: Ruled by the people.
3 Referndum
3.1 the government asks the public a question and then public give them a yes or no answer and the majority vote is taken.
3.1.1 The government doesn't have to take the answer as a final decision.
3.1.2 "When the government control a referendum they will use it only when they expect to win." - Arend Lijhart
3.2 Votes can be affected by the wording of the question.
3.3 Can often result in the 'Tyranny of the Majority'
3.3.1 Results might not be accurate. Public could be uneducated on the issue. Some issues could be sensitive for example racism.
4 Decline in Participation
4.2 There has been low turnout ant general elections.
4.2.1 60% in 2005
4.2.2 65% in 2010
4.3 Party membership is down from around 2 million in 1980, to an estimated 500,000 today.
4.4 Awareness of political issues remains low.
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