Our Legal System

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Our Legal System
1 Criminal Law
1.1 Misdemeanors
1.1.1 Less serious crimes that are punishable with less than one year in prison.
1.1.2 Examples Larceny
1.2 Felonies
1.2.1 Examples Homicide Robbery Burglary
1.3 Steps in criminal case
1.3.1 2. Arrest 4. Preliminary Hearing 5. Arraignment 6. Trial 7. Verdict 8. Sentencing 3. booking
1.3.2 1. Police investigation.
1.4 Mapp vs. Ohio
1.4.1 Criminal case which violated the 4th amendment. Police walked into Mapp's home without a search warrant. Search Warrant
1.5 Those who commit crimes.
1.6 NC state court system
1.6.1 North Carolina's trial-level courts are the District Courts and Superior Court.
2 Civil Law
2.1 Cases that involve a plaintiff suing another person for money
2.1.1 Plantiff- Person filing the lawsuit.
2.1.2 Defendant- Person being sued.
2.2 Tort- Fancy name for civil law.
3 Constitutional Law
3.1 Cases over constitutional issues.
3.1.1 Gideon vs. Wainwright Established right to a lawyer for everyone. 6th Amendment. Right to lawyer, trial by jury, & speedy, public trial.
3.1.2 Miranda vs. Arizona. Supreme Court ruled that detained criminal suspects must be informed to their constitutional right to an attorney Miranda rights/ exclusionary rule
3.2 US federal Court System
3.2.1 Court established by federal government.
4 Administrative Law
4.1 Gregg vs. Georgia
4.1.1 Gregg challenged his death sentence for murder. Gregg stated that his 8th and 14th amendment rights were violated.
4.1.2 Capital punishment
4.1.3 Furman vs. Georgia (1972) Suspended use of death penalty. Supreme Court ruled the way the death penalty was being used was "Arbitrarily", freakish". The ban on the death penalty would last 4 years.
4.2 Law that regulates the procedures of government agencies.
5 Definitions (10)
5.1 1. Precedent: Court ruling in an earlier case.
5.1.1 2. Remand:Send a case back to a lower court. 3. Docket: Court calendar. 4. Commute:Reduce a criminal's sentence. 5. Acquittal: Vote of not guilty. 6. Hung jury: Jury that cannot agree on a verdict. 7. Jurisprudence: Study of law. 8. Dissenting opinion: Goes against Majority opinion. 9. Concurring opinion: votes with majority, but for different reasons. 10. Libel:Criminal act of printing lies about others.
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