Muscular System

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Muscular System
1 Functions of Muscles
1.1 Movement
1.1.1 muscles contract and relax so we can move our limbs
1.2 Shape
1.2.1 maintains good posture
1.3 Protection
1.3.1 keep our abdominal muscles in place
1.4 Circulations
1.4.1 helps circulate our blood
1.5 Temperature
1.5.1 muscles generate body heat when they contract
2 Types of muscles
2.1.1 Contracts and relaxes to pump blood
2.1.2 The cardiac muscles never get tired
2.1.3 Works without conscious effort
2.2.1 Work without conscious effort involuntary muscles
2.2.2 provide nutrients and remove waste
2.2.3 around organs such as intestines
2.3.1 attached to the skeleton
2.3.2 Voluntary
2.3.3 make our bodies move
2.3.4 will improve our performance if we train them
3 Muscles and movement
3.1 movement at a joint is caused by muscles contracting to pull on the tendons
3.2 movement is produced by muscles working in pairs
3.2.1 agonist is the prime mover - e.g. bicep attached by tendons to the shoulder - when it contracts the forearm is raised at the elbow
3.2.2 antagonist- e.g. tricep is the muscle that relaxes to allow movement the tricep contracts it pulls the forearm down and extends the elbow
3.3 The origin - where the muscle joins to the stationary bones
3.3.1 the insertion- where the muscle joins a moving bone
3.3.2 when muscles contract the insertion moved towards the origin
3.4.1 Flexion decreasing the angle at a joint elbox joint bicep curl
3.4.2 Extension increasing the angle at a joint elbow joint tricep extension
3.4.3 abduction taking a limb away from the midline of the body outward phase of breaststroke arms shoulder joint
3.4.4 Adduction moving a limb back towards the midline inward phase of breastroke arms shoulder joint
3.4.5 Rotation moving a body part around a longitudinal axis cricket bowl shoulder joint
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