Problems with the Weimar republic 1919-1923

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Mind Map on Problems with the Weimar republic 1919-1923, created by TheDoogDarb on 01/29/2014.

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Created by TheDoogDarb over 5 years ago
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Problems with the Weimar republic 1919-1923
1 Armed revolts
1.1 Munich putsch
1.1.1 Happened in 8th-9th November 1923
1.1.2 Happened in Munich Hitler tried to make everyone support him by uprising
1.1.3 16 marchers killed, Hitler ended up in prison where he write 'Mein Kampf'
1.2 Kapp putcsh
1.2.1 Happened in 1st January 1920 in Berlin
1.2.2 They weer Freikorps units led by Wolfgang Kapp Government disbanded them so they revolted
1.3 Spartacists revolt
1.3.1 Lead by Rosa Luxembourg and Karl leibnecht They both got murdered by the government
1.3.2 Communist group Wanted full scale communist revolution
2 Treaty of Versailles
2.1 Reparations (£6,600 million)
2.1.1 Invasion of the Ruhr
2.1.2 General strike
2.2 Loss of land
2.3 Loss of military weapons/vehicles and over half of the soldiers
2.4 Guilt of the blame of the war
3 Economic problems
3.1 Hyperinflation
3.2 Staravation

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