types of long term memory (LTM)

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types of long term memory (LTM)
1 basics
1.1 Tulving stated that the multi-store model was too simplistic
1.1.1 he came up with the LTM episodic memory recall events from our past lives like a diary they are complex as: you remember when they 'time stamped' includes several elements: people, places, objects and behaviours you have to make a conscious effort to recall it semantic memory knowledge of the world - facts like an encyclopaedia they are not time stamped - less personal really broad range of subjects - constantly being added to procedural memory memory for actions, skills, things we do recall without conscious awareness for example how to drive a car
2 evaluation
2.1 clinical evidence
2.1.1 case study - Henry Molaison (HM) and Clive Wearing episodic memory impaired due to amnesia but semantic and procedural was okay couldn't remember past things happening but still understood meanings of words HM couldn't remember stroking a dog and hour ago but could remember what a dog is supports different memory stores as one can be affected but others still intact
2.2 neuroimaging evidence
2.2.1 brain scans sow different parts of the brain working on different memory tasks Tulving - did PET sans on people doing different tasks episodic and semantic are in the same area but different hemisphere supports that there are physically different parts to memory. tests have been repeated and have found the same (increase validity)
2.3 real life application
2.3.1 identify different aspects of LTM to make peoples life's better who have memory problems Belleville - found old people with mild cognitive impairment could be improved by helping the episodic memory knowing where it is means we can treat it
3 evaluation +
3.1 problems with clinical evidence
3.1.1 for example in the Molaison and Wearing study there was a huge lack of control how reliable and valid is it - can it be generalised
3.2 are there three types of LTM or just two
3.2.1 Cohen and Squire procedural memory is real called the non-declarative memory but semantic and episodic are in one - called the declarative memory
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