Was German Aggression responsible for the outbreak of WW1?

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A2 level History (From Kaiser to Fuhrer) Mind Map on Was German Aggression responsible for the outbreak of WW1?, created by Marika Rutlin on 04/18/2016.

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Was German Aggression responsible for the outbreak of WW1?
  1. Yes
    1. Escape forwards
      1. The government wanted to distract the general public from social problems
        1. Poverty increase due to urbanisation
          1. Since 1912 the SPD had become the largest political group showing the rise in extremism
          2. Zabern Affair showed social resistance
          3. Planned War of Aggression
            1. Naval Laws of 1898 and 1900
              1. War Council meeting of 1912
              2. 'Free-Hand' policy
                1. The Schliefen Plan violated Belgium neutrality and anticipated War on two fronts
                  1. Planned originally in 1905 and remained unchanged
                    1. The first 40 days of war were by railway timetable
                  2. Their continual support for Austria Hungary
                    1. Moroccan Crisis 1909
                      1. Balkans Crisis 1912-13
                        1. 'Blank Cheque' offered 5th July 1914
                        2. Welttpolitik indicated they wanted territorial gain
                        3. No
                          1. Germany felt encircled
                            1. Agreements that they were not part of
                              1. Triple Entente
                            2. Calculated Risk - European War was inevitable and the sooner the better for Germany
                              1. Increasing tensions in Europe
                                1. Moroccan Crisis
                                  1. Bosnian Crisis
                                    1. Balkan Wars
                                    2. Army expansions
                                      1. Naval rivals with Britain
                                        1. Russia - 500,000 extra troops in 1913
                                          1. France - extended conscription from 2 to 3 years
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