Benefits of Hosting a Major Sporting Event

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Benefits of Hosting a Major Sporting Event
  1. Increase in direct and indirect tourism
    1. Results in more people spending money. Visitors may come again another time. Shows the place a positive light.
      1. Indirect tourism is where you would use the hotels and resturants and going to other attractions where the major sporting event is, for example the london 2012 olympics, you could go and see the london eye and parliment.
      2. Investment in developing transport links
        1. For example, At the London 2012 olympics they built underground, roads, car parks and on the motorways they did restrictions, if you were going to london olympics you could only use that road.
        2. Commercial Benefits
          1. For example, for any major sporting event you get sponsorships, brings in loads of money
          2. Infrastructure
            1. Social facilities can be built for the major sporting event, where overtime after the event people can use them.
              1. For example in london 2012 olympics people can rent the houses or stay in them from the olympic village where all the performers lived in during the event.
              2. Sports facilities
                1. Many major sporting events require, new or significantly upgraded facilities, this can therefore in the future be used by local clubs or local residents.
                  1. For example, the london 2012 olympics can be used for local residents and in tennis in wimbledon you can use their professional courts.
                  2. Participation increasing in sports
                    1. For example, when you host the major sporting event and the hosting country also wins the compettion can increase the rate of people playing that sport.
                    2. Fell good factor
                      1. Is a widespread of feeling and well being of your country acheiving the best of them and winning the competion
                      2. Shop window effect
                        1. Thois is where the event is pulicised and advertised. where politicians use sport to promote their country
                          1. National groups use the shop window effect for nation building. and increase morale of people.
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