Parables By: Nick Oats

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Bible Parables

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Parables By: Nick Oats
1 The Rich Fool (Luke 12:13-21)
1.1 General Story
1.1.1 A Rich Man stores up an abundance of food in a barn he built to house more food, God calls the man a "fool" because the man is being selfish. In the end, the Rich Man can't take all of his crops to heaven
1.2 Characters Connections
1.2.1 The Rich Man is connected with God because God calls the man a fool for being "selfish"
1.3 Characters
1.3.1 The Rich Man, and God
1.4 Characters Characteristics
1.4.1 The Rich Man- he is selfish because he is storing up his food and not giving it away
2 The Unmerciful Servant (Matthew 18:21-35)
2.1 General Story
2.1.1 The Unmerciful servant owes the King money so he begs for his King to show mercy on him, the king shows mercy on him. Later the unmerciful servants slaves owe him money and the unmerciful servant sends his slaves to jail because they can't pay him. The king gets angry because the unmerciful servant didn't show mercy on his own slaves, so the king sends the unmerciful servant to jail to be tortured.
2.2 Characters
2.2.1 The King, The Unmerciful Servant, and the Other Servants
2.3 Characters Characteristics
2.3.1 The Unmerciful Servant- he is very selfish because he didn't show mercy on his own slaves when his king showed mercy on him. Slaves- the Unmerciful Servant does not show mercy on them. King- he shows mercy on the unmerciful servant.
2.4 Characters Connections
2.4.1 The unmerciful servant is connected with his King, and the unmerciful servants slaves are connected with the unmerciful servan
3 The Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37)
3.1 Characters
3.1.1 The Traveler, The Robbers, A Priest, A Levite, The Good Samaritan, and The Innkeeper.
3.2 Characters Characteristics
3.2.1 The Traveler- we know he is a victim of the robbers. The Robbers- beat up the victim and left him for dead. Priest- he was scared of touching the man (it is unclean to touch a "dead" person. Levite- passed the man because he was afraid of getting in trouble. The Good Samaritan- the Jews only think there are bad samaritans, the Jews thought they were all evil. The Innkeeper- helped heal the traveler, and gave him a room to sleep in.
3.3 Characters Connections
3.3.1 The only connected characters in this story are between the good samaritan and the traveler, everyone else passed the traveler by and left him for dead. The good samaritan made a connection with the traveler when he saved him from dying.
3.4 General Story
3.4.1 A traveler got mugged by robbers and was left for dead on the road from Jerusalem to Jericho, a priest and a levite passed him by and left him for dead, a samaritan walks by and saves the mans life (this is strange because all samaritans were "evil".
4 The Lost Son, The Lost Sheep, The Lost Coin (Luke 15)
4.1 Characters
4.1.1 The Lost Son- The Prodigal Son, The Merciful Father, and The Elder Brother. The Lost Sheep- The Good Shepherd. The Lost Coin- The Women.
4.2 Characters Characteristics
4.2.1 The Prodigal Son- he took his share of his fathers inheritance and spent it on parties and stupid living. The Merciful Father- he had faith that his son would return, and he forgave his son for what he had done. The Elder Brother- he was jealous that his father forgave his brother for what he had done. The Good Shepherd- he rejoiced when he found 1 oof his sheep out of his 100 sheep. The Women- she rejoiced when she found 1 out of her 10 coins.
4.3 Characters Connections
4.3.1 The only connected characters in this story are the Prodigal Son, The Merciful Father, and the Elder Son, they are all related by blood.
4.4 General Story
4.4.1 In the Lost Son Story, a prodigal son takes his share of the inheritance and spends it all on parties, the son comes back home with nothing to his name and his father forgives him, his elder brother is jealous that his father forgives him. In the lost sheep story, a shepherd loses 1 out of his 100 sheep and rejoices when he finds that 1 sheep. In the lost coin story, a women loses 1 out of her 10 coins and she rejoices when she finds that 1 coin.
5 Characteristics of a Parable
5.1 His Message is Dangerous
5.1.1 He is talking about the Kingdom of God and how it will supplant the Roman Kingdom. An example of this can be found in Luke 19:11-27 (the parable of the 10 minas)
5.2 Self-Discovered Truths
5.2.1 A truth found out by yourself carries more importance then a truth taught by someone else
5.3 Timelessness
5.3.1 Stories can be reinterpreted and have different levels of meaning
5.4 Soft Critique
5.4.1 it is easier to critique in art or in pictures rather then verbally
5.5 Emotional Connection
5.5.1 This is a different way of stating a fact, it can make the fact more emotional
5.6 Power of Mystery
5.6.1 Jesus uses the power of mystery to his advantage, he always makes people want to come back for more. A example can be a conspiracy theory, or a book that has a sequel
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