biopsychology: the nervous system and the endocrine system

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biopsychology: the nervous system and the endocrine system
1 the nervous system
1.1 it is a specialised network of cells (primary internal communication system
1.1.1 2 main functions collect, process and respond to info co-ordinate the workings of different organs
1.1.2 2 sub systems central nervous system brain and spinal chord brain centre of all conscious awareness 2 hemispheres distinguishes us from animals spinal chord reflex actions messages to and from the brain and the PNS peripheral nervous system transmits messages through neurons to and from the CNS 2 sub groups autonomic NS governs automatic functions breathing digestion somatic NS muscle movement receives info from senses
2 the endocrine system
2.1 works alongside NS
2.1.1 slower than the NS but widespread powerful effects glands and hormones glands produce hormones hormones secreted in the bloodstream affect every cell in the body that has a receptor for that hormone most hormones effect cells in most organs leading to different and powerful responses main gland - pituitary gland in brain master gland controls the release of hormones form all the endocrine glands in the body
2.2 endocrine and ANS work together: fight or flight
2.2.1 when a stressor happens - hypothalamus in the brain triggers activity in the sympathetic part of the ANS changes from resting (parasympathetic) to aroused sympathetic stress hormone releases adrenaline pupils dilate, heart rate increases, lungs dilate, digestion stops, liver makes adrenaline happens instantly parasympathetic returns it to its resting place
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