Introduction to Immunology

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Introduction to Immunology
1 Types
1.1 Basophils
1.1.1 Reacts to inflammation (allergic reaction)
1.1.2 Makes up 0.4% to 1.4% of white blood cells
1.1.3 Condition that increase basophil count: asthma, chronic dermatitis, hypothyroidism
1.2 Neutrophil
1.2.1 first responders to puncture of skin and formation of cancer cells
1.2.2 Makes up to 40% to 75% of white blood cells
1.2.3 Major component in pus (Causing yellowish colour)
1.2.4 High count of this cells indicate body are fighting serious infection
1.3 Eosinophil
1.3.1 A.k.a Acidophiles and specialized in killing multinucleated parasites (worms)
1.3.2 Produced and matured in bone marrow
1.3.3 Makes up 1% to 6% of white blood cells
1.4 Monocyte
1.4.1 A.k.a leukocytes, fights cancerous cells and remove dead or damaged body tissues
1.4.2 makes up 1% to 10% of white blood cells
1.4.3 High count indicates: chronic infections, auto immune disorder, tuberculosis, parasitic and virus infection
1.5 Lymphocyte
1.5.1 Natural killer (NK) cells, that belongs innate immune respones
1.5.2 Thymus (T) cells and Bone marrow derived (B) cells are included in adaptive immune response.
2 Components
2.1 Cardiovascular system: Heart and blood vessels
2.2 Mononuclear phagocyte system: Network of reticular fibres and phagocytes
2.3 Lymphatic System
3 Third Line
3.1 Adaptive Immune response
4 innate Immune response: Non specific, components preformed, magnitude of response same first and second encounters, no memory
4.1 First Line of Defence
4.2 Second line defence
4.2.1 Internal Physiological barriers Four Component: Fever, inflammation, Phagocytosis and antimicrobial proteins
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