The Beginning of the October Revolution


Edexcel GCSE unit 2A
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The Beginning of the October Revolution
  1. Lenin in exile in Finland after the July days, certain that a second revolution is coming that will overthrow the PG
    1. But he knew that he and the Bolsheviks must act quickly, as they were not the favourite to take over from the PG
      1. By October 10th Lenin had secretly returned and was planning a revolution
        1. Which was an open secret
          1. Yet Kerensky did nothing about it
    2. Trotsky in Petrograd after becoming the Chairman of the Petrograd Soviet , which now had a Bolshevik majority, and running the Military Revolutionary Committee
      1. PG unable to control the violence in the cities
        1. Kerensky head of PG
          1. Was sent a telegram from the generals saying 'there is nothing to do but give up'
        2. German troops nearly in Petrograd
          1. Between October 24th and 26th Bolsheviks seized Petrograd following a plan worked out by Trotsky
            1. Lenin knew it was vital to act fast so confirmed that the Constituent Assembly would still take place in November
              1. Until then the Council of People's Commissars would rule by decree (everyone on it was Bolshevik)
                1. The Congress of Soviets then elected the Central Executive Committee -also Bolshevik controlled
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