Freud evaluation

Beth Ritchie
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Psychology (Psychodynamic) Mind Map on Freud evaluation, created by Beth Ritchie on 02/04/2014.

Beth Ritchie
Created by Beth Ritchie over 5 years ago
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Freud evaluation
1 Strengths
1.1 Novel approach to explaining mental disorders
1.2 Methods were unique and developed specifically for his own purpose, to which they were all suited
1.3 Freud tried to be scientific in his work
1.4 Not all dreams held symbols, so he only used dream analysis as part of a complete psychoanalysis
2 Weaknesses
2.1 Lack of evidence - Freuds methods required subjective interpretation
2.2 Freuds concepts are not measurable
2.3 Cannot repeat the study and therefore cannot be tested for reliability, as id ego and superego cannot be measured
2.4 Use of case studies means cases cannot be repeated
2.5 Small samples used in case studies

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