Outcomes & Outputs diff to measure SN 26.04.16

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HCP Outcomes & Outputs diff to measure SN 26.04.16

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Outcomes & Outputs diff to measure SN 26.04.16
1 SDQ - 3 Intervention Package
2 Number of group packages commissioned
3 Pro
3.1 Universal health ass for every child, this then used to Id group common themes
3.1.1 EHC Involvement
3.2 Ill child - Going to be training/Development of training (Athsma)
3.2.1 Where sighted - Referrral Not currently
4 Access support from someone independent
4.1 non-judgemental & Shockable
5 EMH & WB
5.1 Building resilience
6 Understanding communities -
6.1 Survey
6.1.1 Link to schools Follow up
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