Security Threats & Solutions

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Security Threats & Solutions
1 Passwords
1.1 Make sure they are long and have capitals with numbers and have symbols.
1.2 dictionary attacks
1.2.1 This is where a hacker uses every single word in the dictionary to try and hack your password. This can include words from other passwords that they have hacked
1.2.2 Make sure your password is not a dictionary word
1.3 Use a different password for everything
2 Phishing
2.1 This is where someone pretends to be your bank or from a random bank and phone, text or email you saying that you have won a prise or need to update your information and they ask for your bank details. After they have these details they could rid your bank account of all its money.
2.2 Precautions
2.2.1 Delete the email
2.2.2 Phone or email your bank to confirm the message you got.
2.2.3 Ignore it
3 DoS
3.1 dDoS
3.1.1 A whole group of computers attack one server.
3.1.2 Precautions There are none.
3.2 This is where one computer floods a network with requests for random web pages.
3.3 Precautions
3.3.1 Keep server up to date
4 Physical Threats
4.1 Physical threats are things like earthquakes or tidal waves that potentially wipe out your computer. it can also be where you have your computer stolen or a USB stolen
4.2 Precautions
4.2.1 Have an off site backup
4.2.2 Run mirror servers
4.2.3 Use an UPS (uninterruptable power supply)
5 Viruses
5.1 Precautions
5.1.1 Keep anti-virus software up to date
5.1.2 Every time you download something from the internet, do a virus scan of your computer
5.2 Viruses are programs that get into your computer and copy themselves multiple times. This can only happen after the virus has attached to a file and when it is opened they can spead
6 Worms
6.1 They do things.

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