problems meeting demand for product - unable to supply enough stock

Debra Bourne
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Debra Bourne
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mind-map of possible areas to write about in answering exam question.

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problems meeting demand for product - unable to supply enough stock
1 Structural Factors
1.1 Production
1.1.1 Raw materials - are there enough? Are there alternatives
1.1.2 Can parts of the process be outsourced?
1.2 Restructure to improve efficiency
1.2.1 Technolgogy Automation online ordering
1.2.2 Supply chain tracking delivery monitoring stock levels (RFID)
1.3 Management
1.3.1 is it working? are there alternative management structures?
2 Technical factors
2.1 Production
2.1.1 Mass production
2.1.2 specialisation
2.1.3 outsourcing
2.2 Tools + equipment
2.2.1 need updating
2.2.2 Better training?
3 personell
3.1 Are there enough?
3.2 Do they need training or up-skilling?
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