Dan Clayton- Prescriptivism and Descriptivism

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Dan Clayton- Prescriptivism and Descriptivism
1 Plain English Campaign
1.1 War against Gobbledygook, Jargon and Misleading public information
1.2 Set up to get rid of this kind of corporate gibberish and make English Clearer
2 Policing Offensive Language
2.1 The political correctness movement
2.2 Removes Racist, Sexist and Disablist language
2.2.1 Words such as 'chairman', 'policeman', half-caste' and 'coloured'
2.3 Encourages people to think about the harm their words could cause
3 Prescriptivism
3.1 right or wrong english
3.2 Sticklerism
3.2.1 Finger-Wagging Approach
3.2.2 saying somones language is wrong because it is illogical or incorrect
3.2.3 grammar nazi's
4 Descriptivism
4.1 open-minded
4.2 non-judgemental
4.3 progressive way of thinking
4.4 calls usage 'non-standard' rather than 'incorrect'
4.5 Describe not judge
5 Rules- Custom or Correctness?
5.1 many 'rules' are just preferred customs of particular writers
5.2 Rules of English not set in stone and language changes and evolves, adapted by its users to suit their needs
6 Declinism
6.1 Greene believes that language is in an irreversible decline from a once great peak
6.2 its the fault of young people, vapid technology and pesky immigrants with broken english
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